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2006/08/21 Guestbook access removed.

Due to remote spam guest signatures the OK Squadron Guestbook is temporarily closed.

2005/08/04 Portuguese Lightning History page added.

Check the History page for the Lightning link.

2005/07/24 Apply page portuguese version.

Portuguese version for the Apply page added as stated earlier.
Now portuguese non-english speaking pilots can at least understand the rules and apply to join the OK Squadron.

2005/07/15 Rules page portuguese version.

The Rules page has now a portuguese version added, after all this is a portuguese speaking squadron ins't this? Maybe the Apply page should be translated to portuguese, otherwise it doesnŽt make too much sense as it is for portuguese speaking aplicants only. WeŽll see.

2004/10/10 Roster update.

OK_Saphon joined the OK Squadron.
He will take OK_Leao (Red 2) place, while he is still grounded.
A big welcome!

2004/09/03 OK Squadron at VWF.

The OK Squadron gets registered to the Virtual Western Front.

2004/01/20 OK Squadron at VEF2.

The OK Squadron gets registered to the Virtual Eastern Front.

2003/11/23 Roster update.

Two new pilots joined the OK Squadron: OK_Marshall and OK_Macintyre.
They will subsitute OK_Mexicano (Blue 2) and OK_Chronus (Yellow 2), both missed in action.