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2003/10/24 New "old" OK pilots photos.

Meet the OK boys in the original 1943 "Aeronáutica Militar" uniforms.
Just click each callsign link at the Roster page.

2003/08/12 First FB patch released.

IL-2 Forgotten Battles patch to 1.1b version finaly released.
No new aircraft yet, but some fine tweaking is espected, specialy in the flight model area.
Downloads via IL-2 Sturmovik: The Forgotten Battles Official Site.

2003/06/03 Links page update.

Just check The Aviation Hobby Site.
Top stuff indeed!

2003/05/14 New codes page.

A link was added to the roster page, featuring the OK Squadron codes used on various aircraft for reference.

2003/05/03 Added new portuguese Blenheims history overview.

Check the History page for the Blenheim link.

2003/04/23 JustJohnny BTB!

Good news! Former OK Squadron co-founder is back to business. Well comeback buddy! Or is it "Welcome back..."? Better "Good to see you back JJ".

2003/04/04 Added new portuguese P-47s history overview.

Check the History page for the Thunderbolt link.
Soon a Hurricane and Spitfire pages will be added too.

2002/04/03 B.A. 306 Tigres 2nd aniversary.

The "Brigada Aérea 306 Tigres" celebrated his 2nd aniversary last saturday, March, the 29th, with meeting at Flyby, the portuguese number one aviation store.
Five OK boys were there too, and dinner/drink ended the event.
Happy Birthday, "Tigres"!

2003/03/21 Forgotten Battles released in UK.

Soon to be released here in Portugal too, (we hope!).

2003/02/18 Roster update.

Please refer to the roster page, for the latest ranks update.

2003/01/29 Roster update.

OK Squadron new recruit: Carva, Code OK-P, serial 315.
He will join the white section as White 4.
S! OK Pilot!

2002/12/03 Off-Line Single Player custom markings (part II).

IL-2 MAT 1.1 released. This little wonder automates the .mat files copying process during IL-2 start up so you won´t have to bother with it at all.
Among other improvements, this new version enables custom markings files auto format conversion from .bmp to .tga.
You can download it from here, and there´s further info and custom markings download links at this never ending thread.