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2002/11/20 OK Squadron Forum.

Now we have our own forum. It may not look like an usual forum but it is indeed one. No user profiles, no smiles, none of that fancy stuff, just a simple straightfoward posting script.
There are two main sections: one for portuguese speaking users, other for english, or any other language posting. Everyone can use it. You just sign up and your´re done. Unless your´re cookies are off, next time you enter the forum you´ll be automaticly logged in and ready to post. Give it a try!

2002/11/06 Roster update.

OK Squadron new recruit: OK_UncleBob.
He will be assigned to the Blue Flight as Blue 3.
Welcome pilot!

2002/11/04 Off-Line Single Player custom markings.

By editing the .MAT files stored in the cache folder after launching iL-2, it´s possible to use different regiment markings, insignias, codes, or almost whatever one might think of.
It all started at this thread, and here, we can find a detailed tutorial on how to achieve this, including a little program to automate the process during the iL-2 start up.
We all know that in the near future "The Forgotten Battles" will bring us the "so awaited" off-line custom skins feature, nevertheless, we can get some very interesting results in single player mode by using this method, as we can see in the above pics showing some aircraft converted to our country markings. Cool!
I´d like to thank all the people involved in the effort for this amazing achivement. S!

2002/10/22 OK Squadron historic recreation flight.

The OK boys went for a ride to test their brand new historic skins.
Thanks to Jürgen "Snorri" Mühlbauer who provided the magnificent templates for these, and all OK current outfits.

2002/10/21 P-39 training missions.

Take-off and landing missions updated for iL-2 1.2 version, and both available in portuguese and english language.
Ready for download at the files page.

2002/10/20 Roster update.

And another OK Squadron new recruit: OK_Vampire.
Assigned to the Yellow Flight, under command of OK_Pajo.
Welcome pilot!

2002/10/16 Roster update.

OK Squadron new recruit: OK_Shadow.
Assigned to the Red Flight, he will share Red Leader wingman duties with OK_Leao.

2002/09/29 OK Squadron registered at VEF.

The OK Squadron is now registed in the The Virtual Eastern Front online war.
Thanks to Gen Lee, who brought us in.

2002/09/26 Flight sections update.

Check the roster page for the updated pilot positions.