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2002/09/16 OK Squadron update.

The OK Squadron will now be constituited by four sections, two pilots each: red, yellow, white and blue sections, as the active number of pilots is eight (details in the roster page).
Pajo is working on a new, color marked by section, skin set.

2002/09/11 Forum IL-2 para pilotos portugueses.

Administrated by Filipe "OK_Flip" Abranches, the Forum IL-2 para pilotos portugueses is up and running again. A place where all portuguese speaking pilots can talk about their flight sims madness. WTG, Flip!

2002/09/04 OK Squadron Mig-3U skins.

For dogfight and coop missions.
A clean camo is ready too.

2002/08/30 Roster update.

OK Squadron new recruit: Chronus, Code OK-K, serial 310.
He will be temporarely assigned Yellow 6, while the new Blue Flight isnīt formed.
S! OK Pilot!

2002/08/28 Roster update.

OK Squadron new recruit: Leao, Code OK-J, serial 309.
Temporarely assigned Red 5, he will assume wingman duties to Red 1. A big welcome!

2002/08/26 Airdominance competitions.

The second TEB competition (The Eastern Battle) just ended last Friday, the 23rd. The OK Squadron got second place overall. I think we owe this one to our fellow pilot Gen_Lee.
Congratiolations, and keep it up Gen!

2002/08/22 OK Squadron voice coms update.

Back to our faithfull Roger Wilco, now through a remote IP adress.
Check your e-mail boxes for further info.

2002/08/22 OK Squadron ranks update.

Pajo has given enough proofs of the competent pilot he is.
Congrat Lieutenant!

2002/08/22 Roster update.

One more pilot applied for the OK Squadron: Mexicano. P-39, La5 and Yak-3 are to be painted code OK-I, serial 308. Later to enter our future Blue Flight, he will be assigned Yellow 5 assuming wingman duties to Pajo. Welcome Sarge!

2002/08/14 HyperLobby OK training procedures.

Official squadron training sorties now at Thursday, 22H00 to 24H00.
Besides some sound card issues on some fellow pilots, TeamSpeak is the voice coms program now in use. We hope to get it perfect with the next version available on 2002/8/26. Remember everyone should install the client and server applications.
While we donīt get a dedicated coms server or fixed IP adress, the best system equipped pilot should host coms.
And to prevent from late evening pilots to get left outside the training room, the coms hoster must e-mail all the others his IP adress prior to enter the session. This way the incoming pilot can easily call for his entry. This procedure also applies to any other day flying session.
Letīs hope we all can get together more often this way.

2002/07/10 Meet your C.O.

This is your Commanding Officer, alright.
You can also meet his wingman at the new roster page table.
All other OK pilots must send their own photos asap, so to get them displayed too.

2002/07/09 OK resgisted for TEB 2nd round.

All OK pilots are registed and activated for Airdominance, The Eastern Battle 2nd round. Competition starts next friday the 12th at 24H00.
Please do not refuse a challenge from any other ADC registered pilot. Every ADC pilot deserve at least one chance to be flown against. Remember every pilot needs to fly 10 matches to score.
Fly right. Give your opponent a fair fight.