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2002/07/02 OK pilot gets ADC awarded!

Looks like an OK pilot got second best at the The Eastern Battle 1st round final score. Shure there were pilots with better results that just didnīt fly the minimum 10 matches required. I did 11 matches, scoring 4 kills (2 of them were enemy crashes) and 4 deaths (3 crashes and 1 pilot killed death). Nothing much really, most important was the fun. I would like to thank the ADC crew for their excellent work and I share this award with all OK fellow pilots.

2002/06/29 New "Articles" link title added.

The OK Squadron Links of Interest page has a new title featuring "The Bells of the Kremlin" excellent article concerning the role of the Bell P-39 Airacobra at the WWII russian front. This article was saved from the URL, which seems to be no longer active. Any info about its author would be appreciated in order to adress the deserved credits.

2002/06/27 Airdominance competitions.

The first TEB competition (The Eastern Battle) will end tomorrow, Friday the 28th, at 24H00. For those who wish to score results, remember you need to fly 10 matches. The OK Squadron will score as it passed the minimum 20 matches required per squadron. Thanks, to all OK pilots who flew for TEB and be prepared to enter next round. And for those who like to fly full real, the TEB advanced will start soon too. Check Airdominance regularly for further info.

2002/06/24 Guestbook added.

The OK Squadron site has now a guestbook. Letīs sign it, guys.

2002/06/20 Roster update.

How many are we? Eight! Yes, we are eight pilots now! Two full flights completed! A big welcome to Pajo, our new recruit. He will fly the OK-G, 306. Celebrate!

2002/06/18 Yak-3: the next OK Squadron mount.

New Yak-3 OK Squadron skins. Dogfight and coop missions. A plain clean camo is also available for any other country use.

2002/06/12 OK Squadron at IL-2 Sturmovik - OFFICIAL WEB SITE.

The OK Squadron is now listed in the IL-2 squadrons directory. It is good to be known.

2002/06/12 First OK Squadron La-5FN flight.

Muas, Gen Lee and Resev getting used the beast.

2002/06/11 OK Squadron gets La-5 equipped.

New La-5FN OK Squadron skins for dogfight, coop missions and free camo. Letīs give it some use at The Eastern Battle.

2002/06/07 Roster update.

One more pilot applied for the OK Squadron: Resev. OK-H code paintings are still fresh on the fuselage of his brand new P-39. S!