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2002/06/06 OK registed for Airdominance comp.

Airdominance competition starts tomorrow at 24H00! Pack your bags guys, we are in! And it looks like its gonna be lotta fun.

2002/06/04 Roster update.

MoreKore just left the OK Squadron. A big S! to him.
Gen_Lee just got in. He will fly the C aircraft. Welcome to the OK Squadron Gen!

2002/06/03 OK Squadron registered at Airdominance.

Not registered to competitions yet, but soon we will for sure. Better start to practice wingman tactics asap!

2002/06/01 RAF ingame codes suits OK Squadron a treat.

Just take the basic OK Squadron camouflage without any markings and choose United Kingdom for country in a dogfight mission. Of course you have to create a regiment with the national insignia and the correspondent adressing file. Now here“s the trick: put id=OK (only used for British and German bombers, remember?) and in the arming menu the plane number will display the correspondent letter (1=A, 2=B, 3=C,...). This way the codes OK-A, OK-B, OK-C,... will be displayed. Neat.

2002/06/01 OK Squadron site is up.

After near three months of code writing, copying, and pasting, (and doing mostly everthing else but bother with it), the OK Squadron site is online from this very day, at Let“s hope it stays there for the next three. Comments please.

2002/03/12 OK Squadron official insignia approved.

This insignia is meant to be used in dogfight missions, when flying by any nation, as regiment insignias cannot be used when country is selected to none. The file is a 64x64 pixel bitmap image and should be placed at the regiments folder, along with a predefined country adressing file.

2002/03/06 OK Squadron official cooperative missions skin approved.

This skin is the very same dogfight skin, except that it doesn“t have the national insignias on the wings and fuselage, and the codes were adapted to cooperative missions usage. The fuselage only supports the "OK" and serial number, giving room for the country insignia and the aircraft identification. Different lettering was used in order to match the individual numbers generated by the program.

2002/03/02 first OK Squadron team members online flight.

Muas and JustJohnny went for a ride to try the new skin and take some screenshots.

2002/02/22 OK Squadron official dogfight skin approved.

This is the OK Squadron standard skin, based on the OK-G P-400 illustration from Joćo Vidal collection. It“s the basic British early war Dark Green/Dark Earth camouflage and Sky Type S on spinner and underneath. None of this colors are really accurate on this skin, nor were intend to. It was more a matter of capturing the illustration feel. This skin is meant to be used in dogfight missions, selecting the country option to none. The file is a 512x512 pixel bitmap, and should be placed on the P-39N1 folder. Two variants were also done displaying the gunsmoke marks in a diferent way, to best suit the Q1 and Q10 models.

2002/02/14 recruiting started by a thread at the Forum IL-2 para pilotos portugueses, from some pilots common desire of forming a portuguese speaking WWII virtual squadron.